Ben Affleck tells funny story about his son’s favorite superhero, and it’s not Batman

E! caught up with Ben Affleck on the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie The Accountant this week. It’s the Halloween season, so he was asked if he was trying to persuade his kids to wear Batman costumes this year. Affleck laughed and then revealed his son’s favorite superhero. Spoiler alert… it’s not Batman!

“My son told a friend of his when he asked ‘who’s your favorite superhero?’ and he said his favorite superhero was Flash,” Affleck explained. “And he goes ‘what about Batman?’ and he said ‘Batman’s just my dad'”.

That’s pretty funny. Affleck’s son, Samuel, is just 4 years old. I think in a few years he’ll realize just how cool it is to have Batman for a dad!

Hopefully Affleck shared this story with the Flash himself, Ezra Miller. It seems like there are going to be a lot more Flash fans after Justice League hits theaters next year.