Man dressed as Batman is chasing away those creepy clowns in the UK

If you haven’t heard, creepy clowns have been making threats on social media all over the country, making everyone a bit jumpy as we get closer to Halloween. Apparently this is spreading all over the world too, and a man in the UK is stepping up to be the hero that we deserve.

According to BBC Cumbria, a man is dressed as Batman in Whitehaven, England has been chasing away these creepy clowns to ensure kids that they’re safe. “As for you clowns, if you want to scare someone, why don’t you try and scare me,” “Batman” said in a Facebook video post.

He actually has a really cool costume, and looks just like Christian Bale from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises! Creepy clowns may want to think twice before wreaking havoc in Whitehaven, England.