Gal Gadot explains how her ‘Justice League’ co-stars are like their characters

HeyUGuys caught up with Gal Gadot to talk about her new movie Keeping Up with the Joneses, but naturally another big movie of her’s was brought up as well.

Gadot was asked what it was like being a part of Justice League, and she revealed that every actor was different, and actually a lot like the superhero they were playing.

“Literally, each and every one of them is the character in a weird way. Henry has this good will, and is polished and pure. Ben is more cynical, and more dark, and more… Batman-y,” Gadot explained.

It sounded like Gadot was being very sincere, but once she got to Jason Momoa and Aquaman, her Keeping Up with the Joneses co-star Jon Hamm couldn’t help but make a joke.

“And Aquaman… Jason is this huge dude,” Gadot said. “And loves fish,” Hamm joked. “And he drinks water!” Gadot joked back. Poor Aquaman. Let’s see if Momoa can put all those jokes to rest when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Check out the fun video interview above for more.