Teen Titans Go! digital-issue #36 review


Previously, in Teen Titans Go!…

The team was presented with the opportunity to appear in their own TV show.  

What would it be?  A hard-hitting drama?  A nostalgic throwback cartoon?  A Spanish telenovela?

And just how many man-eating sharks will be involved?

Questions will be answered, loyalties will be tested, and suspenders will be explained in the shocking of “TV… or NOT TV”.

The first part of this story was great, with lots of great comedy and some pretty boring parody.  I mean, we saw a luchador gorilla and a spot-on sendup of Filmation cartoons.  What’s not to love?

This week, it’s just as fun, though not quite as great as the first half.  A lot of that stems from the fact that instead of straight-up jokes, the pitched shows are actually great ideas.


That’s the extent of that joke, but man oh man would a Tiny Titans cartoon be great.  Art Baltazar liked my tweet about it, too, so I’m guessing he agrees.

No word yet from Franco, but I’m sure he’d agree.

Despite Raven’s assumption, though, Starfire has another idea for a show: pretty much Young Justice.

No joke, that's pretty close to how Robin accidentally coined the name back in the original comic.
No joke, that’s pretty close to how Robin (accidentally) coined the name back in the original comic.

It’s pretty funny, with Sholly Fisch playing up the melodrama (so many faked deaths) and Marcelo DiChiara once again nails the look of the show, but it ultimately serves as a reminder that this was a program taken away too soon.  And now I’m sad.

Those are some mad reaction faces, too.
Those are some mad excellent reaction faces, too.

The main problem, as slight as it may be, is that the jokes don’t go far enough in this installment.  They’re funny, don’t get me wrong, they’re just kind of safe. Raven’s idea for a show, for instance, is of course just a Pretty Pretty Pegasus  knockoff.  The punchline to it is great, I just wish the joke itself had started somewhere a bit more surprising.

Eventually the Titans are visited by a sleazy agent who ends up being Brother Blood, and then another actual sleazy agent who totally wants to make a show about them with no strings attached.  Trust him, he has sunglasses and everything.


They missed a golden opportunity to use Rex Leech, but oh well.

In all, it’s a bit of a step back from the excellent first chapter, though they pair well to tell a good story with some big laughs.  By a physical copy to enjoy them together.

Recommended if:

  • You like the TV show.
  • You want a good comic to read with your kids.
  • You miss Young Justice and will take anything at this point.

Overall: Come for the clever references, stay for Silkie as your new favorite late-night talk show host.  A quality installment that isn’t quite as good as its predecessor, though they tell one whole story so you should probably read them together anyway.  A genuine treat for both kids and adults, Teen Titans Go! has been one of the better surprises of the past month.

SCORE: 7.5/10