Marvel’s Benedict Cumberbatch says he can’t wait to team up with… Batman?!

Everyone loves Batman! Even the star of Marvel’s latest hit, Doctor Strange.

During a promotional interview, Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch was asked which other characters and actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he’s looking forward to teaming up with in the future, and apparently Batman was on his mind!

“I’m going to say Spider-Man, Batman… wait he’s not in it, Hulk, I’ll say all of them,” Cumberbatch told ComicBook. Later on in the interview, Cumberbatch revealed that Tim Burton’s Batman got him into American comics as a kid, and that he was obsessed with the movie! Check out his comments in the video below.

In Cumberbatch’s defense, he did say he had been promoting the movie all over the world before arriving in Los Angeles for this interview. He had been in Hong Kong and Shanghai just days prior.

Still, it’s funny that Batman was one of his answers. Maybe one day we’ll see a big Marvel and DC Comics movie crossover. It has happened in the comics, after all!