Ben Affleck on ‘The Batman’: “It’s not a movie you can fail quietly at”

Ben Affleck is still hard at work on his script for The Batman, and revealed in a new interview with IGN that he was working on it as recently as last week when he was in the UK to promote The Accountant.

“Last night I spent (time) working on the script,” Affleck said. “I’m in full-on ‘trying to get it right mode’. It’s not the kind of movie that you can fail quietly at. You have to really be sure that I have something that I feel really confident about before we go forward.”

Affleck is the kind of director who always puts out high quality work, but you have to wonder if the backlash to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made him really want to step up his game. In interview after interview it’s clear that he’s not going to make The Batman until he’s 100% ready, even if Joe Mangienello says production is scheduled for the spring.

IGN also asked Affleck about casting his The Accountant co-star Anna Kendrick as Barbara Gordon, but the two just laughed about it. Affleck said he’ll cast Kendrick in The Batman when she gives him a singing role in Pitch Perfect 3, a reference to their hilarious MTV skit from earlier this month.