‘Suicide Squad’ concept art reveals deleted Joker and Harley Quinn scene

Comic Book Movie spotted some cool new Suicide Squad concept art from artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer today. It features art from a violent scene that was not in the movie, involving Joker and Harley Quinn on a bridge.

Joker can be seen shooting someone right in the head at close range. This scene may be included in the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad, because we got a peek at something similar in the trailer.

Another thing worth noting is that Scheurer labeled the “creatures” that the Suicide Squad fought throughout the movie as “Parademons”. It’ll be interesting to see if any of that carries over into Justice League, where Parademons will be heavily featured.

Check out some of the new Suicide Squad concept art in the gallery below, and head on over to Christian Lorenz Scheurer‘s website for more, including lots of alternative designs for Enchantress.

SOURCE: Christian Lorenz Scheurer via (Comic Book Movie)