New ‘Suicide Squad: Extended Cut’ trailer includes more Joker footage

Amazon has released a brand new trailer for Suicide Squad: Extended Cut on their product page, and it features new footage of Jared Leto’s Joker!

There’s some new dialogue between Joker and Harley when he tortures her, and we get to see more footage of their confrontation from a deleted scene. There’s other bits of new footage sprinkled in the trailer as well. Check it out above!

The trailer may have been released a bit prematurely, because it says “Digital HD available now” throughout. Suicide Squad: Extended Cut actually doesn’t hit Digital HD until November 15th. It’ll be out on Blu-ray on December 13th, and is available for pre-order now.

Update: I added an HD version of the trailer from Warner Bros. UK. It displays the UK release dates of November 28th for the Digital HD version and December 5th for the Blu-ray. The US gets the Digital HD version one week earlier, and the Blu-ray one week later.

SOURCE: Amazon