10 cool things about the new ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer

6. Is That The God Of War?


We see several shots of Danny Huston’s character in the trailer as a high-ranking officer in the German army.  He wants to control the world and he is using a chemical agent to escalate the war efforts in their favor.  Ares, the Greek God of War thrives on conflict and grows more powerful the more death and destruction there is.  He would have a vested interest in developing a chemical weapon that could greatly increase the devastating effects of war.  As a Greek God, he could certainly use the help of another Goddess as a second in command.  In this instance, I could see Circe masquerading as a female scientist developing a potion (gas) that could help the Germans win the war.  Ares has been another longtime nemesis of Wonder Woman from the comic books.  Ares’ philosophy of violence, anger and death directly conflict with Wonder Woman’s peace, love and compassionate ideals.  In a brief clip from the trailer, we see Wonder Woman fighting with his character, who seems to be able to match her powers, suggesting he might be something other than what he appears to be, something stronger.  If the Ares/Circe thing is true, this could be the big battle that we see hinted at in the movie and could prove to be a difficult fight for Wonder Woman.

7. Yes, That’s An Homage to Donner’s Superman Movie


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has said in the past that she was heavily influenced by Richard Donner’s 1978 film, Superman.  “It was about you watching and realizing what it would feel like to have great powers and do great things. It was full of love and emotion,” she told Variety.  As such, she managed to sneak an homage to the film into her movie.  It was noticed by many people, including Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly.  She also confirmed the nod on her Twitter account.  In the 1978 movie, Superman blocks a bullet from hitting Lois Lane with his arm when they are being attacked in an alleyway.  In the new Wonder Woman movie, Steve Trevor and Diana Prince are in an alleyway when a bunch of armed men attack them and try to shoot Trevor.  She uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets and save Trevor, a nice gender switch.

8. DC Superheroes Love Smashing Through Windows


DC director Zack Snyder loves to hide easter eggs all over his movies and it appears that Patty Jenkins is no different.  As if the Superman homage wasn’t enough, she directly pays homage to Batman v Superman with a scene where Wonder Woman jumps through a window, shattering it to impressive effect.  Batman does something similar in Batman v Superman when he jumps from the Batwing into the warehouse where Martha is being kept prisoner.

9. Etta Candy Is The Flash of Wonder Woman


Etta Candy, played by Lucy Davis, is a character that is straight from the comic books.  During the Golden Age of comic books, she was Wonder Woman’s plucky sidekick and best friend and that seems to carry over here to the film.  Her character was also unapologetically proud of her plus-size figure and oftentimes brave and heroic and in the thick of the fight standing next to her friend, Wonder Woman.  Her character was in stark contrast to the depictions of women in comic books at the time as slim and skinny.  As we see in the new trailer, she’s “not afraid to get into a little fisticuffs should the occasion arise” and we love her for it.  Much like Ezra Miller’s The Flash is said to be the jokester in Justice League, we’ve also seen that Etta provides some comic relief to the otherwise intense and action-packed movie.  We see her as somebody who takes Diana Prince under her wing and helps her acclimate to a male-dominated world while still maintaining her fierceness.  Speaking of fierce women…

10. This Movie Is Filled With Kick-Ass Women


I’m glad we get to see so much of Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira and all of her Amazonian sisters.  From Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope to Menalippe and Diana herself, these Amazon women are warriors.  The battle scenes look amazing between the Amazonians and the German soldiers and Wonder Woman herself has plenty of action-packed ass-kicking scenes to make me excited for this movie.  We have not had a lot of strong female superheroes in movies, especially in a a titular role, so this film will set the bar for future female solo movies in the superhero genre, and I, for one, am excited about the possibilities.

I could go on and on about all the little things that the new trailer gave us, but for now I’ll toss it back to you, the reader.  These ten cool things are only a tease of what’s to come with the marketing of Wonder Woman.  Tell us in the comments below what you picked up on from the new trailer.