Warner Bros. CEO praises ‘Wonder Woman’ and Geoff Johns’ leadership of DC Films

The New York Times published a piece about Warner Bros. today, which included an interview with the company’s CEO, Kevin Tsujihara. It’s a great article, but I’m going to focus on the DC Comics movie portions.

Tsujihara thinks that the financial success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad has been lost in all of the bad reviews and criticism online, noting that the two movies made a combined $1.6 billion at the box office.

When asked if the negative narrative surrounding those movies could hurt Justice League when audiences have to decide if they’ll spend their money on another DC movie, Tsujihara seemed confident, especially now that he put Geoff Johns and producer Jon Berg in charge of DC Films.

Mr. Tsujihara said he was confident that management changes he has been making (putting a pair of executives, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, in charge of superhero movies, for instance) will make for more satisfied fans. With any luck, even a critic or two could come around.

Wonder Woman is another thing that makes Warner Bros. confident about the future of DC Films. “The thing that really makes me confident is that I’ve seen ‘Wonder Woman,’ and it’s great,” Tsujihara said.

SOURCE: The New York Times