Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel Digital Issue #12 review


Batman’s latest crossover comes to a close with a chapter that is incredibly interesting, which is to both its detriment and benefit.

From the beginning I’ve really enjoyed the snappy, whip-smart dialogue and unique visual style of this book.  Unfortunately, the story began to wear out its welcome in recent weeks, spinning the narrative wheels and making one question whether this should have been a few installments shorter.


The action and dialogue both come fast in chapter twelve, with the heroes taking on the menacing Cybernauts only to discover the true nature of Michaela Gough.  It’s a shocking, welcome revelation with some disturbing undertones, and one I wish had been revealed earlier in the narrative.  My interest was greatly revitalized upon learning the truths of Gough, her father, and the Cybernauts, but it came too late in the game to make any real impact.  Sure, it made me enjoy this chapter more than the previous few, but it was still too little too late.

I’m being coy, of course, so nothing is spoiled.  Rest assured that it’s a logical twist that has shades of Star Trek‘s classic episode “The Menagerie”, at least visually if not narratively.

Credit should go to Smith and Broome for the work they’ve done here.  Some of the imagery borders on being akin to a horror, but it still feels tonally consistent with the series.  Never did I think I’d be unsettled by Batman ’66, but here we are.


There isn’t much left to say about this series.  Any Batman ’66 is a welcome respite, and the pedigree of this one made it a ripping yarn for a time.  Even with diminishing returns, the Dynamic Duo’s adventure with Steed and Peel has, on average, been really good.  If nothing else it has brought attention to a lesser known series, and proves that Batman and Robin are best when the character chemistry is just right.

Recommended if:

  • You like both properties.
  • You’ve read the book to this point.

Overall: A good ending to a series that started out great.  The great chemistry between the Caped Crusaders and Steed and Peel is evident until the end, and some last minute twists spark new interest after a few lesser installments.  From beginning to end, this has been cool, snappy Mod-style fun.

SCORE: 7/10