‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-ray clip explores Jared Leto’s method Joker transformation

Suicide Squad hits Blu-ray on December 13th, and Collider premiered a short clip today from the special features that explores Jared Leto’s method acting approach to taking on The Joker. We get to see some awesome behind-the-scenes footage of Leto going to work.

Here’s what Leto had to say about playing the character:

“This role has always been interpreted so beautifully, but then there’s the other side: What else can you uncover? What other parts of this story or this life, what can you do that hasn’t been done? That side of me that likes exploration, that likes adventure, that likes to push the envelope, that was set on fire immediately. I knew that I was going to have to dive really deep and go to a place that I’ve never gone before.”

Suicide Squad director David Ayer commented on Leto’s method approach as well:

“So during the process of figuring out the Joker and helping Jared create that character, I kinda had to say goodbye to Jared. There was a point when he went away and was replaced slowly and surely by the Joker. It was a fascinating process to watch. There was this really nice guy, a good guy with a lot of depth to him, he’s a very thoughtful person … the Joker is not someone you’d say is a really good guy.”

Suicide Squad: Extended Cut will be available on Digital HD this coming Tuesday. Batman News has partnered with VUDU for a cool event and to give away free copies!

SOURCE: Collider