‘Suicide Squad’ ends its domestic box office run just $5 million shy of ‘Batman v Superman’

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Suicide Squad hit theaters on August 5th, and it has finally ended its box office run in the United States and Canada. The movie was a huge hit despite being slammed by critics and made $325.1 million. That’s just $5 million less than the $330.3 million that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made domestically.

Overall, Suicide Squad made $745.5 million worldwide, and that’s without the help of China, which banned the movie. Batman v Superman was allowed in China and made $873.2 worldwide, with about $100 million of that coming from China.

The fact that Suicide Squad came that close to a movie featuring Batman and Superman is huge, and just goes to show what a big success it was among audiences. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes recently attributed Suicide Squad’s massive box office numbers as a reason why the company will exceed earnings estimates for the year.

Suicide Squad will be released on Digital HD next week, and Batman News is giving away a lot of free copies! The movie will hit Blu-ray on December 13th.

SOURCE: @BoxOffice