Watch ‘Justice League’ star Ezra Miller refuse to sign a fan’s Marvel comic book

Apparently DC Comics vs. Marvel isn’t just something that fanboys argue about on the internet. A new video has surfaced of Justice League and The Flash star Ezra Miller at an event surrounded by fans. It looks like it’s in the UK for his new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A fan presented Miller with a Marvel comic to sign, and he flat out refused!

“You understand why I can’t sign that, right?” Miller asked. “Find me something else, I’ll sign it. It’s so obvious that I can’t sign [that Marvel comic]. I’m sorry.”

You can then hear the confused fan say something like “isn’t ‘Justice League’ Marvel as well?”, to which Miller replied “No, it’s DC. They’re competing comic book houses. I’m so sorry, I really can’t [sign that]. I’m dead sure.”

This is a bad look for Miller in my opinion. What probably happened was a big Harry Potter fan heard that Ezra Miller was in a superhero movie and grabbed a comic book for him to sign. He just happened to grab the wrong one. I feel bad for the fan, you can hear all the disappointment in the video above.

What do you think of this awkward exchange? Should Miller have just signed the Marvel comic for the fan or did he do the right thing? Sound off in the comics below!