DC Comics keeps teasing a new ‘Justice League’ trailer

Yesterday marked the one year mark until Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017. While director Zack Snyder didn’t tease anything on social media, the folks at DC Comics sure keep adding fuel to the rumor mill about the next trailer.

Earlier this week in a promo for DC All Access, host Jason Inman teased that he knows when the new Justice League trailer is being released. Then this afternoon, he posted a cryptic Instagram message that read: “I’m SUPER excited to watch something at #DCcomics today! #secrets”

My guess is that the new Justice League trailer is coming next month with the new Star Wars movie Rogue One, but based on all the teasing this week, maybe it’ll be here even sooner!

As always, stay tuned to Batman News. I’ll have the new Justice League trailer posted as soon as it’s released online!