Marvel takes another shot at ‘Batman v Superman’ in new comic book

Back in June, Marvel took a shot at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in “Spider-Man/Deadpool #6”, and this week they were at it again!

One of the most talked about moments in Batman v Superman was the “Martha” scene during the big fight, and Marvel’s “Uncanny X-Men Annual #1” borrowed that scenario. We see two guards talking to each other, having the following conversation:

Guard #1: After I managed to shoot him in the leg, I’m standing there, about to finish this dirtbag off, and dude just starts yelling ‘Martha! Martha! Martha!’

Guard #2: Whoa, dude! Isn’t that your mom’s name?

Guard #1: Exactly. So I’m asking him why he’s yelling it and come to find out his moms name was Martha, too. And I was like, damn… no way I can kill this dude now.

Sound familiar? We then see X-Men character Domino kill both of the guards. You can check out the panel below.

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