Batman got a shout-out on ‘Supergirl’ this week (video)

Could Batman show up on Supergirl or one of the other superhero shows on The CW? Never say never… On tonight’s episode of Supergirl, Batman got a shout-out for working with Supergirl’s cousin, Superman.

“My cousin worked with a vigilante once,” Supergirl said tonight. “Tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts!”. Hear it for yourself in the video clip below:

Yep, that’s definitely a Batman reference!

Supergirl producers managed to get Superman on the show this season, so who knows? Perhaps they’ll be able to bring Batman to the small screen for Season 3. Though with FOX having the rights to Gotham, a show where Batman doesn’t even exist yet, I’m not sure if The CW would even legally be allowed to include their own version of the Dark Knight.

For now, let’s forget about any technical or legal roadblocks. Is that something you’d like to see, or should Batman be saved for the big blockbuster movies? Let me know in the comments below!