‘Monty Python’ star John Cleese might have a role in ‘Justice League’

John Cleese, best known from the Monty Python movies, may have landed himself a role in the DC Films universe!

Last week, Batman News reader Dennis Lamb noticed that the Batman v Superman UK account and set photographer Clay Enos began following John Cleese on Twitter. And now recently, Cleese followed both Ben Affleck and Justice League director Zack Snyder.


While Twitter activity may seem silly to some, it actually has proven to be useful. For example, Rick Famuyiwa began following a bunch of DC-related accounts before he was officially announced as the director of The Flash (though Famuyiwa left the project last month over creative differences).

Assuming John Cleese does have a small role in Justice League, who do you think he should play? Let me know in the comments below.