Lex Luthor’s theme song in ‘Batman v Superman’ is a distorted version of Superman’s theme

Here’s an interesting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fact that I didn’t know (and hopefully you didn’t either). Lex Luthor’s theme song is actually a corrupted, distorted version of Hans Zimmer’s Superman theme.

DCEU Facts pointed this out on Twitter in February and the tweet was retweeted tonight by Junkie XL (who worked on the music for Batman v Superman with Hans Zimmer), thus giving it some credibility. Here’s what they had to say:

Lex Luthor’s theme, The Red Capes Are Coming, in Batman v Superman, is actually a perversion and corruption of Hans Zimmer’s Superman theme, which can be heard in An Ideal of Hope and other soundtracks from Man of Steel, as well as in the Batman v Superman OST. Using the same two note structure but at different tones and speed, and slightly flipped, Lex’s theme is a warped, backwards perversion of Superman’s.

You can hear all of this in action in the video below.