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Welcome to the latest edition of Twitter Detective! Twitter activity has proved to mean something in the world of DC Comics movies, so I thought it’d be worth taking a look at the latest development.

Both DC Films co-head Geoff Johns, and star of The Batman, Joe Manganiello, have started following actor Armie Hammer on Twitter this week. Hammer, 30, certainly has the look of a guy who belongs in a superhero movie. Could he have joined the cast of Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, which is expected to start shooting next spring?

Update: And now Armie Hammer is following Geoff Johns back as well.

Obviously this is speculation, but as I mentioned, Twitter activity like this has meant something in the past. Who do you think Armie Hammer could play in The Batman, or perhaps a different movie in the DC Films universe? Let me know in the comments below!

Fun fact: Armie Hammer was cast as Batman in a 2007 Justice League movie that was cancelled due to a writer’s strike. He also starred in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. last year with Superman himself, Henry Cavill.