Armie Hammer and Joe Manganiello are trolling DC fans on Twitter

Focus Features

On Friday fans noticed that both DC Films co-head Geoff Johns, and star of The Batman, Joe Manganiello, started following actor Armie Hammer on Twitter. Then later that night, Hammer started following Johns back as well. This lead to a lot of speculation that Hammer may have been cast in The Batman or a different DC Comics movie, and it seems like the stars have noticed the attention and are having fun with it now.

On Saturday night, Hammer trolled fans with a series of tweets. “Very large announcement coming soon…..,” Hammer said. “I… will… be… playing… My old guitar tonight. Found it in a closet and realized how long it’s been.”

That’s some A+ trolling right there! But then Joe Manganiello decided to get in on the fun.

What’s interesting about Manganiello’s reply is that he put a period in front of Hammer’s Twitter handle. He did that so ALL of his followers would see the reply. If he didn’t, that tweet would only show up in your timeline if you followed BOTH Hammer and Manganiello.

Hopefully we find out what this all means soon. Fans are hoping it’s DC related, but as Batman News podcast host Sean Gerber pointed out… maybe Hammer just signed on for Magic Mike 3!

What do you make of all this trolling? Let me know in the comments below.