Margot Robbie had most viewed IMDb page in 2016, Gal Gadot and other Batman actors make top 10

IMDb has released a “Top 10 Stars of 2016” list, where they looked at the 10 stars who consistently ranked the highest on the IMDb weekly STARmeter chart throughout 2016. IMDb STARmeter rankings are based on the actual page views of IMDb’s more than 250 million unique monthly visitors.

So who had the most viewed IMDb page in 2016? That would be Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie!

Third on this list last year, Margot Robbie makes the leap to the top as IMDb’s Top Star of 2016. It was a year in which the Australian actress displayed her versatility in a trio of notable big-screen performances. She played BBC correspondent Tanya Vanderpoel in the war comedy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and followed that with a turn as Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan. However, Robbie’s most notable work in 2016 was as psychiatrist-gone-bad Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. It’s a memorable, visually striking role that not only inspired a future standalone film but too-many-to-count lookalike costumes at comic book conventions and Halloween parties.

An Alternative View Of The "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" New York Premiere

But another lovely DC Comics actress joined Robbie in the top 10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Gal Gadot scored the #6 spot.

The title of Batman v Superman may have focused on two male antagonists, but it was Gal Gadot‘s rendition of Wonder Woman that kept comic book fans bustling for months. After the movie’s March release, Warner Bros. kept momentum rolling through the summer by releasing two blockbuster trailers during San Diego Comic-Con: One for the much anticipated Justice League and another for the equally talked-about Wonder Woman standalone, also to be released in the coming year. In both, Gadot was front and center, reprising her role as Diana Prince. Successful as 2016 was for Gadot with respect to DC Comics diehards, she rounded out her year with turns in the action comedy Keeping Up With the Joneses, crime drama Triple 9, and Criminal.

Also worth mentioning is Gotham’s Morena Baccarin. She came in just before Gal Gadot at #5 on the list. Though I think that had less to do with her Batman role, and a lot to do with starring in Deadpool this year.

Brazilian native Baccarin catapulted herself onto IMDb’s Top 10 list for 2016 by virtue of strong showings with both movie and TV fans. She kicked off 2016 as a scene-stealing centerpiece in the year’s bawdiest comic book film, Deadpool, playing the title character’s scrappy and forthright love interest. And off the big screen, she continued to portray series regular Dr. Leslie Tompkins on FOX’s “Gotham.” The show was a source of both professional and personal success this past year: She and “Gotham” co-star Ben McKenzie welcomed their first child in March.

And since this is Batman News, let’s give The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy a shout-out as well. He came in at #4, most likely due to his chilling performance in The Revenant.

Don’t worry, Tom Hardy fans: IMDb’s top star of 2015 didn’t fall too far from the top in the 2016 list. Buoyed by his haunting performance in The Revenant, where he played hard-to-love but impossible-to-ignore John Fitzgerald (complete with an unforgettably thick accent), Hardy kept himself at the forefront of awards season water-cooler talk. After movie awards season was complete, the British actor kept TV fans buzzing as Alfie Solomons in Season 5 of cult favorite “Peaky Blinders.” In 2017, he’s set to star in period miniseries “Taboo,” which he created in collaboration with his father Chips. Tom plays rogue adventurer and would-be shipping magnate James Keziah Delaney.

Here’s the complete list of top stars on IMDb in 2016:

  1. Margot Robbie
  2. Emilia Clarke
  3. Millie Bobby Brown
  4. Tom Hardy
  5. Morena Baccarin
  6. Gal Gadot
  7. Alicia Vikander
  8. Daisy Ridley
  9. Haley Bennett
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio