Zack Snyder shares new Batman/Star Wars mash-up in honor of ‘Rogue One’

You may remember back in 2014 that directors Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams had a friendly Twitter battle over DC Comics and Star Wars. Snyder was shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Abrams was shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the same time.

We got to see Superman dressed as a Sith, C-3PO dressed as Batman, and a Stormtrooper even got arrested next to the Batmobile, among several other funny images. Well, two years later, Snyder is at it again with another Batman/Star Wars mash-up photo.

In honor of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters in a couple of weeks, Snyder has taken to the mobile social network Vero to share his excitement. “Getting pumped for Rogue One,” he wrote. He posted the photo below of Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But instead of holding a green Kryptonite spear, it looks like a red lightsaber from Star Wars.


If you needed another reason to get excited for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the new Justice League trailer is rumored to be premiering with it. Stay tuned for Batman News in case that rumor is true. I’ll have it available online the minute it hits the net!