Geoff Johns, Joe Manganiello, and Armie Hammer continue to troll DC fans

Last week the internet noticed that DC Films co-head Geoff Johns and The Batman star Joe Manganiello started following actor Armie Hammer on Twitter. This lead to speculation that he may have joined The Batman or another DC Comics movie.

Hammer noticed the fan theories, and had some fun by trolling them on Twitter. Manganiello quickly joined in to do the same. And last night, it continued.

Armie Hammer posted the photo above with Joe Manganiello on Instagram and captioned it “men at work”. Manganiello shared the same photo on Twitter and said “Burning the midnight oil with my man Armie Hammer”. Geoff Johns then retweeted Manganiello’s tweet.

I am now convinced that Armie Hammer has a role in The Batman. This is obviously just a wild guess on my part, but with all this social media teasing, and now Geoff Johns’ involvement, I don’t see how this could lead to anything else.

Earlier this week Manganiello said that he begins working on The Batman this month. Is that what he was doing with Hammer last night? Were they studying the script on the iPad that’s in the photo? I don’t know… maybe! Let me know what you make of all this in the comments below.