‘Justice League 2’ pushed back for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie

Warner Bros.

The Hollywood Reporter has some news on Zack Snyder’s upcoming projects, and there’s some interesting DC Films news sprinkled in there as well!

According to THR, Snyder is not jumping into Justice League 2 as his next project as originally planned. Instead, he’ll be working on his long-in-development thriller The Last Photograph. THR says that Warner Bros. has put Justice League 2 on the backburner and turned its attention to Ben Affleck’s Batman movie:

Snyder is still intent on directing Justice League 2, but that movie has been pushed back to make room for Ben Affleck’s Batman stand-alone movie. The move left an opening in Snyder’s schedule for a production that is smaller-scale, at least compared to massive superhero tentpoles he has been working on of late. Call it a palate cleanser, if you will.

That makes sense! Why jump into Justice League 2 before you have a chance to see how audiences like the first movie? A Batman movie directed by Ben Affleck certainly has all the makings of a big blockbuster success, so it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. has made it a priority.

There’s still no word on when Ben Affleck’s Batman movie will hit theaters, but it is expected to start shooting early in 2017. Hopefully Affleck will give us all an update when he starts doing interviews later this month for the new movie that he wrote, directed, and starred in, Live By Night.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter