Teen Titans Go! digital-issue #38 review


This is dumb.

I can appreciate dumb.

This is also really silly.

To that point, I can also appreciate silliness.

Problem is, nothing ever really meshes.  This is a prime example of a Teen Titans Go! installment that is just… there.

The plot: Beast Boy’s longtime pet fish Sven (that nobody is aware of) is in the pits. Beast Boy thinks he’s dying, but he really just needs to return to his native waters to… umm, ask your parents, kids.


So, the Titans head to the made-up country Springenstadt, home of every Nordic and Eastern European cliche you can think of.

Though that is a pretty sweet jalopy, I can’t help but feel it somewhat stereotypes those trolls.

There are a few funny lines and sight gags, but there’s just so much going on here: Sven’s plight, the Titans not knowing about the fish to begin with, Robin’s misadventures on the airplane, some weird prophecy about a Herring King and Beast Boy being mistaken for it, a dragon, a raid on a castle, and somehow even more.  Some of it is pretty funny, and I especially liked a lot of DiChiara and Lawson’s visual gags, but nothing ever comes together. It’s all just a stream of jokes being thrown out, hoping some them stick.  Some do, most don’t, and the whole thing is pretty uneven.

This is by no means the worst TTG installment I’ve ever read.  In fact, it isn’t even close.  Still, it feels like a filler installment to pad out a physical issue.  In fact, I can’t imagine kids enjoying it much, as most of the gags would probably go over their heads.  They aren’t inappropriate, just jokes that adults are more likely to get.  I mean, how many kids would really understand the differences in flying first class versus coach?

This installment is not particularly memorable.  It’s occasionally funny.  It’s just fine.

Recommended if:

  • You like the tv show.

Overall: Perfectly serviceable while being completely unremarkable.  If you’re a completist, have at it.  Otherwise I’d say pass, as even a few decent chuckles don’t warrant any repeat reads.  Teen Titans Go! has been so much worse, but it’s also been so much better.

SCORE: 4/10