The 2016 Batman News Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for a Batman fan can be tough because we’re not all the same. We are one of the most diverse fandoms around because we all follow a character who has found tremendous success in a wide range of styles from the colorfully campy to the dark and gritty. You’ve got your Batman fan who loves the comics, but feels the movies just haven’t nailed it. You’ve got your Batman fan who swears by The Animated Series and yet curses the Nolan trilogy. Fans who worship the Batfleck and abhor the Batusi. And all of us are equally passionate! Yes, it’s a tough job shopping for a Batman fan, but hopefully our little list will make shopping easier and more fun for you this season. And to make sure there’s something for every budget, we’ve organized the list according price. The farther you scroll, the more expensive the Bat-gear will get!

Single-issue Comics ($2.99-$4.99/each)


Even a Batman fan who says they don’t like comics really just hasn’t found the right comic. There are books that keep it grounded, books that see Batman combat aliens or forces of the supernatural, books that have Batman go solo or team up with a dozen teenage sidekicks. Here are a few of this year’s best ongoing series and some great jumping-on points.

Detective 934

Detective Comics #934

This is the team book. This is Batman with an X-Men vibe.


Nightwing #10

After a couple of years of Dick Grayson as a secret agent (which was actually awesome) he’s now back in the tights (blue emblem this time, not red) and he has returned to Bludhaven. And no, I don’t know how to put those little dots over the U.

Harley 1

Harley Quinn #1

If you like Harley then you should be reading the ongoing Harley series, it’s just that simple. It’s been averaging an 8.2/10 from our reviewer Elena and she’s tough! Also, if you’re a fan of Harley, you’ll want to check out Suicide Squad as well.


Super Powers #1

Great for kids and kids at heart.


Trinity #1

Gorgeous artwork and a captivating story sure to satisfy fans who love to see Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together.


All-Star Batman #1

Scott Snyder teams up with the best artists in comics for stories centered on the most famous villains that the rogues gallery has to offer, and he’s trying his hardest to give fans something they’ve never seen before. The opening arc? Think Midnight Run, but with Batman hauling Two-Face across country while they’re hunted by the scariest bounty hunters the DC Universe has to offer.

DC Pint Size Heroes ($4.00)

Combining the charming features of Pops! and Dorbz but much tinier (1.5”), Funko’s Pint Size Heroes bring a sense of mystery to the holiday season! At a great price of $4, these mystery, miniature collectibles are a must-have for any Bat-fan.

DC Sticky Notes ($6.50)

The forgetful hero or villain in your life will appreciate this book of assorted sticky notes. Put reminders in your favorite graphic novels, leave the mark of your favorite character where all can see, or simply help yourself remember to finish your unfinished business.

Magnetic Personalities Finger Puppets (6.95/each)


You saw their historic clash on film in March. Now it’s time to see the Dark Knight versus the Man of Steel on the index fingers of your favorite relative or friend. And each puppet comes with an embedded magnet so you can put them on the fridge when they’re not beating each other up.

Dorbz ($8)


Funko Dorbz are exactly how they sound: adorable. Batman may have no desire to be associated with the word “adorable,” but whoever receives one of these infectious little guys will be! Look at that little smile!

DC Super Hero Girls ($9.99/each)


A super gift for the kid who loves to read! There’s a little girl out there who will get into comics because of this book, and that by itself makes Finals Crisis worth it. You can read Jay Yaws’ full review of DC Super Hero Girls: Final Crisis HERE for more information on the story, artwork, and overall quality of these comics.

Pops! ($10)


If you’re looking to add to your collection of Pops!, I recommend checking out the new Batman: The Animated Series collection, as well as the Impopsters collection, where Batman’s greatest rogues dawn the mantle of the bat.

Wobblers ($10)


As much as I love Pops! (and I LOVE Pops!), I think I may have discovered something I like even more… Funko Wobblers! Similar to the Pops!, Wobblers are ceramic figures with an oversized head, but they are taller, with a more proportionate body. This is probably my favorite new discovery from Funko!

Plush Pop! ($11)


From adorable to cuddly, you might be surprised to learn that Pop! Plush is a real thing! Batman Pop! Plush is the perfect stocking stuffer for your kiddos, possibly your dog(s), or even your significant other… Just don’t get mad when husband/wife starts cuddling Batman at night instead of you. It’s real, and it’s deep.

Bat Cat Vintage Art Print by Vintage Book Art Co. ($12.99)


This may be the closest we ever come to seeing the offspring of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Applied to actual dictionary pages from the mid-20th century, each Bat Cat print is a one-of-kind collectible that is sure to make your heart meow for justice.

Bat-Signal Mug ($13.95)


When things get hot in Gotham, the Caped Crusader hits the rooftops. And when things get hot in this mug, the Caped Crusader hits the rooftop. On this mug. This gorgeous over-sized is perfect for soup, cappuccino, or scaring away any ill-intending insects in the vicinity of your kitchen counter.

Batman Through the Years Mug (13.95)


Featuring a picture of Bats from each of his decades of existence, this stylish over-sized mug takes two packets of hot cocoa and a mound of whipped cream with ease. The exterior backdrop is a nice Batman-gray, and the yellow and black Bat symbol is waiting for you when you get to the bottom of your beverage.

Justice League of America Quotable Notables and Magnetic Action Set (14.95/each)


What better way to say thank you for a Justice League magnetic play set than with a Justice League note card decorated with sweet Justice League stickers? Give your little niece or nephew a fun fridge toy and the tools to show their gratitude all at once.

DC Collectibles Super-Pets Plush! ($15.00)


Throw out your child’s boring old Teddy bear and replace it with Osito and a Joker Fish.

Adult Coloring Book ($15.99)


You’ve heard of the adult coloring book fad, but then you saw those pages of kaleidoscopic flower blossoms or fish with ornate filigree dancing off their fins and you said, “Why the heck would I want to color something that looks like the very definition of nonsense?” Well now DC Comics has released a Batman coloring book and the stress-relieving hobby is finally worth a person’s time. Books featuring The Flash, Supergirl, and more are also available.

Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad on Blu-ray ($10-$25)


The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Blu-ray is on sale for just $10 on Amazon. Throw in the Suicide Squad Blu-ray as well and you have a great gift for Batman fans for under $35. Both Blu-rays include a Digital HD version, so you can watch the movies when you’re on the go too.

Mattel’s Batman v Superman Voice-Changer Helmet ($18.99)


We all have friends or relatives with irrational fears. For those that wish to silence their fears with a kryptonite spear through the heart, why not give them the perfect accessory? With built in phrases and voice-altering technology, they’ll have their demons screaming “Martha” in no time.

Batman Pop! Lights ($20.00)


Need to shine a little light on your Christmas party? Pass on the Santa and Frosty party lights (they’re predictable), and go for the Pop! Batman Party Lights! There’s no better way to bring your love for Batman to the party! These can also serve as a perfect night-light for your little ones. Who better to watch over them than Batman?

DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Figures ($20.00-ish)

Even if you’re not all that interested in collecting toys, you can’t help but love the way these look on a bookshelf or desktop. You don’t have to go overboard like I did, just pick a few of your favorite characters. Every fan of the Timmverse should have at least one of these toys displayed proudly in their home or office. The quality you get at this price is well worth it. 

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders ($25.00)


DC’s animated films haven’t been all that great in recent years, but Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders joins the likes of Under the Red Hood and Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox as a must-own for any Batman fan, especially if you have fond memories of the classic 60’s TV series. Not only does it do a fine job of capturing the show’s sense of humor, it stars members of the original cast like Adam West and Burt Ward as well. Our writer Jay Yaws’ has a full review of the Blu-ray HERE.

Here’s a list of other DC animated Batman films worth owning, all of which can be found for around $10 bucks now:

2016 Hardcover and Paperback Graphic Novels ($9-25)


The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade

Arguably the best Batman story to be published in 2016. This is a prequel to The Dark Knight Returns (yes, THAT Dark Knight Returns) and it’s not only a worthy addition to Frank Miller’s epic, it might very well be the best thing Frank Miller has written since The Dark Knight Returns itself.

Batman: Ego and Other Tales

A Darwyn Cooke showcase and an absolute must-own.

Dark Knight: A True Batman Story

Autobiographical piece from famed Batman writer Paul Dini, who recalls how he overcame the most traumatic moment of his life.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1

Did you grow up in the 90s? Then you owe it to yourself to read this book. The first ever Batman/TMNT team-up could not have been any better. This was the most fun Batman story of 2016.

Even more Batman graphic novel reviews can be found HERE

Batman Apparel ($14-$300)

Batman News t-shirt ($14)


There’s no greater gift than a Batman News t-shirt from our friends at TeePublic!

Under Armour Alter Ego shirts ($26-$60)


Under Armour has a great selection of Batman and DC Comics apparel as part of their Alter Ego line for the fitness guru in your life. Muscles are sold separately.

DC Comics sweaters from Merchoid ($45-$65)


Merchoid has a collection of geeky Christmas sweaters. The Batman one (pictured above) is pretty sweet, and they also have Superman and Harley Quinn sweaters available as well.

DC Comics sweaters from ($35-$45)

classic-batman-sweater has their own collection of DC Comics sweaters, like that cool Batman one pictured above. They also have sweaters for Wonder Woman, Joker, Superman, and your other favorite DC characters!

The Joker HAHA HOHO Ugly Christmas Sweater ($44.95)


This festive gem from the folks at will liven up even the drearest of holiday celebrations. As simultaneously beautiful and hideous as Mr. J himself, this knit Joker sweater will keep you warmer than Jason Todd in an Ethiopian warehouse.

Batman Peacoat from Hero Within ($250)


Tackle that wintry weather with this Batman peacoat from Hero Within. From the front, it looks like your standard peacoat, but from the back, people who notice the subtle Batman logo will know you’re reppin’ the Dark Knight.

DC Comics suits from ($300)


Make sure the Batman fan in your life is the best dressed at their next formal event with these DC Comics suits from Their lineup ranges from the Dark Knight to the Man of Steel himself. There’s even suits based on The Riddler and The Joker.

Legion of Collectors ($25 every other month, or $150 annually)


Want to give your special someone the ultimate gift that keeps giving? Subscribe to Funko’s Legion of Collectors, a bi-monthly, DC themed delivery package that offers a $50 value of exclusive items for only $25! If your shopping for a Bat-fan who has everything, then this should be at the top of his or her list. We’ll have a special spotlight on the Legion of Collectors subscription box coming soon.

Batman: The Telltale Series ($29.99)

Available for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and iOS


This choose-your-own-adventure game puts you in control of a very different Gotham City at a time when Bruce Wayne is only beginning his crime-fighting career. You’ll decide the fate of Harvey Dent, Penguin, Catwoman, and more while shaping a bold new future for The Dark Knight! A full review of Episode One (available for download now for free) can be found HERE.

Downtown Bookworks’ DC Super Heroes: Little Library ($49.99)


Featuring ten of Downtown’s fabulous Silver Age-inspired board books, the Little Library is the perfect method for indoctrinating the little ones in your life with the essentials of DC fandom.

Why bother with Goodnight Moon? Last I checked, it doesn’t have Hawkman and Hawkgirl flying through space.

The Dark Knight Returns Slipcase Set ($49.99)

This is the best version of Frank Miller’s classic tale out there. Some might say that the super-expensive Absolute Edition is, but I like how this volume foregoes combining the epic into a single tome like most traditional graphic novel productions and instead breaks the four-part epic into a quartet of hardbacks that flaunt glossy reproductions of the original covers.

Imaginext Super Hero Flight City ($55.00)


What’s better than a DC Super Hero playset? Two DC Super Hero playsets in one box with a massive flight tower. Strap Batman into his whirly copter-pack and watch your kiddos enjoy hours of battery-powered flying action.

Absolute Batman Year One ($125.00)

Not only does the Absolute Edition bring you the four-parter in the largest comic book format possible, it also gives you two distinct versions of it: the original colors on classic newspaper print and updated colors on glossy pages. This extra-large printing also includes a plethora of bonus material including original scripts by Frank Miller, pencil breakdowns, and more. This is the best version of Batman Year One out there. 

Batman: Arkham VR ($20…or like $520 if you need the PSVR or $920-ish if you need a PlayStation as well)

Batman Arkham VR Box Art

I love my Playstation VR. RIGS, that X-Wing mission from Star Wars: Battlefront, Robinson: The Journey, Rush of Blood, Werewolves Within… there’s a lot of really cool stuff out there and it’s always fun having a few friends and family over and watching them try out the technology for the first time. But one game I’ll always circle back to is Batman: Arkham VR. Feeling like I’m standing in the heart of the Batcave is amazing. And I’ll never forget that trip to Arkham or the time I cowered as Killer Croc emerged from the Gotham sewer and tried to rip off my face. Read the full review HERE.

The Joker (Batman Imposter Version) by Hot Toys ($265)


Whether you’re looking to get someone their first Hot Toys collectible, or just add to their growing collection, the Joker Batman Imposter figure is a great choice. This figure blends the best of Batman and The Joker into one, and is a unique creation from the folks at Hot Toys. Side note: Stay tuned for a full review, coming soon to Batman News!

Batman Returns: Batman & Bruce Wayne by Hot Toys ($344.99)


If Keaton is YOUR Batman, then you’ll want this highly detailed figure that can be displayed as Batman and Bruce together or as Bruce with the ripped-away cowl from the climax of Batman Returns. The premium-quality collectible comes with loads of gadgets, a variety of replaceable facial expressions and hands, plus an illuminating display stand. A full review can be found HERE. You can order yours from Sideshow Collectibles, who offers a monthly payment plan on most of their Batman figures and statues.

Life-size Armored Batman ($7,999.99)


Sure, it sounds expensive, but if you sign up for Sideshow Collectible’s newsletter you’ll get $15 bucks off your purchase. Just think about it. 

Need even more ideas? Check out our gift guide from 2014 or go even further back to our super-sexy 2012 gift guide.

Special thanks to Brian Warshaw (who you see in many of the photos), Chris Begley, and Josh McDonald for contributing so much to this gift guide. And to Elena Carrillo who shot that great photo that kicked our gift guide off with a bang.