Jeremy Irons talks ‘Justice League’, confirms ‘The Batman’ starts in the spring

IGN caught up with Jeremy Irons while he was promoting his new movie Assassin’s Creed, and naturally they asked about Justice League as well. But all on his own, Irons revealed that production on Ben Affleck’s Batman movie starts this spring. Something we’ve heard before from Joe Manganiello, and what Affleck himself finally admitted yesterday.

Based on Justice League concept art that IGN saw when they visited the set this past summer, it sounds like Alfred will be even more hands-on than he was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He gets to mount a gun on the Flying Fox!

IGN: I was on the set of Justice League in April and I saw concept art of Alfred in action. You’re a tail gunner on the Flying Fox [the giant aircraft Alfred and Bruce Wayne transformed into a mobile command center for the Justice League]. Alfred’s now in a world where it’s not just Batman or Superman, this god in the sky, but an entire world of these people that he’s essentially found himself surrounded by. What does he think of all this?

Jeremy Irons: I think he’s waiting with baited breath to see what is going to happen. He’s in the employ of Bruce Wayne and he doesn’t always agree with him but I think he’ll help where he can. And I’m not sure in Justice League we’ll see that much of him because we have five superheroes to deal with and Alfred is just the batman [a term for the soldier-servant of a commissioned officer in the British military] of one of them. It’ll be very interesting to see where he gets to, when we get to Ben’s production of Batman this spring. I haven’t read the script of it yet. I think all of us who are sort of normal human beings, which Alfred is, we watch the gods with amazement and some spite.

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