First look at Batman’s upgraded armor in Justice League… Apokolips? (update: no)

My Twitter feed and email was bombarded with new images of Batman’s armored cowl from Justice League tonight. It looks similar to what he wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it’s redesigned slightly.

What’s possibly even more interesting is the logo on the plaque that the cowl is sitting on. “Justice League: Apokolips” it reads. Apokolips is the planet in the DC Comics universe that is ruled by Darkseid, a villain rumored to be in the movie. Check out all of the new photos in the gallery below.

I honestly have no idea where these photos came from, so if you have an idea, please let me know. They look too good to me to be fan made, though I suppose that’s possible.

Update: I still don’t know where these images came from, but one Batman News source tells me that the cowl is fan made, and IGN’s Jim Vejvoda says it doesn’t look like the cowl he saw on his Justice League set visit last summer.

Update #2: A Batman News reader said in the comments section below that this is actually an art project from his school. Students had to redesign popular character helmets. He said he’ll try to get more pictures of it today.

Update #3: Another Batman News reader echoed the statements about this being a student project at the Art Center College of Design. This definitely isn’t from Justice League, but this kid is talented enough to work on a movie one day if he or she wants to!