Here’s what’s going on in the new ‘Justice League’ photo (scene description)

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Earlier today, we got a brand new photo of Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash from Justice League. The three heroes are looking up at something (or someone), and I’ve seen a lot of speculation as to what’s actually going on in this scene. Thankfully, we now have an answer to that question! visited the set of Justice League last summer and explained exactly what’s happening in the photo above, based on what they learned during their set visit.

Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman are in a Gotham City ventilation tower in this photo. It was a massive set built for an action scene. The group gets word of a parademon nest after a conversation with Commissioner Gordon and set out in Batman’s new four-legged Crawler vehicle (a formidable spider-like tank which can crawl up walls).

Digging their way through a tunnel to the ventilation shaft on (or near) Stryker’s Island, Batman’s Crawler uses various weapons to fend off ravenous parademons trying to attack them. Once inside, they find a massive horde of the creatures and fight their way out, including a sequence on a long and broken bridge outside of the shaft.

Eventually, the Crawler ends up buried in water as the ventilation shaft presumably ends up flooded. Cue: Aquaman’s entrance? It sure does look like someone made a surprising entrance by tossing Wonder Woman’s shield down there! In any case, concept art showed the three heroes standing on top of the Crawler as it became consumed by water.