Ben Affleck will probably shoot ‘The Batman’ in Los Angeles

Ben Affleck has remained extremely coy about his Batman movie, but all signs point to it finally getting in front of the cameras this spring. So which city will be taking place as Gotham this time around?

Sources tell Batman News that Ben Affleck plans to shoot The Batman in Los Angeles. BOF has heard the same. In 2012, Christopher Nolan shot some of The Dark Knight Rises in LA, though it sounds like Affleck will be shooting the bulk of his movie there.

I would expect (and hope) that Affleck shoots the movie on location and not entirely in a studio. There’s just something about a city that makes the movie feel that more real. It’d also mean we’d get plenty of set photos to talk about!

We should get an official update about the status of The Batman in the coming months, and I will hopefully be able to share more soon as well.