Zack Snyder’s secret cameo in ‘Batman v Superman’ finally revealed

Zack Snyder / Vero

Way back in October of 2015, director Zack Snyder revealed that he had a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “You won’t see my face. I pick some things up, but that’s it,” he said. Since then, fans have been wondering where his cameo was. Well, wonder no longer!

Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong revealed on Twitter that it was Zack Snyder’s hands on Bruce Wayne’s cell phone during the underground fight club scene.

When asked why Ben Affleck didn’t do the scene himself, Fong answered, “1) often actors don’t want to do little tiny shots; 2) often directors LOVE to”.

So there you have it! In  a way, Zack Snyder cameoed as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out his hands in the screenshots below.