This Week in Comics: Batman and Catwoman get a roof

This Week in Comics

So. That happened. Hygiene concerns aside, I had trouble connecting with Batman #14. It was really fun at times, but the “Cat and Bat” stuff still feels off to me—inhumanly abstract—as though King were still writing The Vision and it’s only a matter of time before we see the black and gray motif of the Dark Knight morph into the familiar features of Ultron’s most famous son.

Anyway, Nightwing continued in excellence, and was mercifully void of rooftop oom-pa-pa. The week’s two Justice League-related titles were a mixed bag (though I know at least some of you enjoyed the Max Lord story), but I’ve come to expect such things. My personal highlight was either a certain caped, fuzzy hero showing up in Superman, or Jessica Cruz’s awesome moment in Green Lanterns. How about you? Sound off below.

Batman #14

Art by Stephanie HansArt by Stephanie Hans

While this wasn’t my favorite Tom King story, I enjoyed it much more than I’ve enjoyed this book in months.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Batman, Vol. 8: Superheavy

Art by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia Art by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia

Superheavy may not be the Batman you want, but it’s still a well-written volume with (obvious) ties to the pointy-eared elephant in the room.

– Brian (read the full review)

Harley Quinn #11

Art by Amanda Conner and Alex SinclairArt by Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair

One of the things I really admire about this book is how unapologetic it is about the leaps it takes in its narrative.

– Elena (read the full review)

Injustice: Ground Zero #3

Art by Ben OliverArt by Ben Oliver

I know this is taking its cues from the video game, but I seriously doubt the intention is that we’re to have magical select-a-weapon properties here.

– Elena (read the full review)

Justice League #12

Art by Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Tomeu MoreyArt by Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, and Tomeu Morey

That said, it’s a well-written encyclopedia, with good storytelling from Duce and Lopes that makes this far more visually interesting than it deserves to be.

– Brian (read the full review)

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

Art by Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, and Alex SinclairArt by Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, and Alex Sinclair

While there are some improvements in actual character speech, I feel like there are larger and more numerous holes in character and plot.

– Brian (read the full review)

Nightwing #12

Art by Marcus To and Chris SotomayorArt by Marcus To and Chris Sotomayor

[Orca] still won’t go down as anyone’s favorite Batman rogue, but this is proof that giving a little heart to even the most forgettable of foes can completely change your perspective.

– Jay (read the full review)

Teen Titans Go! digital-issue #39

Art by Dan Hipp

Slight, kind of aimless, and over way too quickly; just like spring break.

– Jay (read the full review)

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