Hans Zimmer might come out of superhero retirement; comments on Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark Knight’

Screencap / RCN TV

Early last year, legendary composer Hans Zimmer declared “I have officially retired from the superhero business“. So far he’s kept his word, leaving his Batman v Superman partner Junkie XL on his own for Justice League. But in a new interview with The West Australian, Zimmer hinted that he may come out of retirement one day.

“It’s true,” Zimmer said of his superhero movie retirement, but then added “until somebody comes along with a great idea.”

“How many people have to go write two Batman themes in their lifetime? I needed a break from it. And I needed to categorically say ‘I need a break’.”

It sounds like Zimmer is definitely leaving the door open for the world of superhero movies in the future. This is more of a break from the superhero genre than a full-on retirement. Zimmer is currently working on Christopher Nolan’s war movie, Dunkirk.

But speaking of superhero movies that Hans Zimmer has worked on, he also spoke about how Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight gave him a lot of music freedom.

“You’re supposed to serve the movie,” Zimmer says. “But, I think, it goes beyond that. You’re supposed to elevate the movie … heighten the characters.

“When you have an actor like Heath Ledger on the screen for The Dark Knight, there’s a lot of freedom that performance gives you.”

SOURCE: The West Australian