Ben Affleck: ‘The Batman’ script is great now, it just needs to get better

Earlier today reports came out that said production on Ben Affleck’s Batman movie has been pushed back a couple of months. Batman News has heard that’s true, but fans shouldn’t worry about The Batman just yet.

IGN caught up with Affleck last Friday, January 6th, at a press junket for his new movie Live By Night. In their interview that was published today, Affleck continued to talk about the script, but this time added that it was “great” and just needs to be better.

“There’s great stuff in it now,” Affleck said. “It just needs to get better and better. It’s the same way I felt about (Live By Night) when I was prepping it, it’s just that no one was asking me questions because nobody gave a shit, because there wasn’t any click-throughs.”

“It took me a year plus to get (Live By Night) ready to launch. Hopefully it won’t take me that long for Batman. We’re working, I think we’re ahead of the curve, and we’re excited,” he added.

With production being pushed to this summer, hopefully Affleck has the time he needs to get the script just the way he wants it.