‘Arrow’ star wants Ben Affleck to cameo as Bruce Wayne, apparently didn’t get the memo

Last weekend at Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans, Arrow stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey answered questions from the fans. With Superman appearing on Supergirl on The CW recently, the stars of Arrow were asked if Batman could ever show up down the line.

“I think for sure Bruce Wayne,” Ramsey said. “I would love to see these two guys at a table together just like ‘sup Bruce’, ‘sup Oliver’. You know what I mean? And duke it out, like no utility belt, no arrows, just hand to hand, man.”

So far so good. It would be pretty cool to have Bruce Wayne show up on Arrow one day. Here’s where things turn to fantasy, however…

When asked who would play Bruce Wayne, Ramsey said “Listen, I would love, honestly? I would love for Ben to play Bruce Wayne. Yeah, have him on the show, why not join the universes? That would be dope, just like, how big would that be? Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, Ben Affleck.”

Apparently Ramsey didn’t get the memo that the DC TV universes and movie universes are separate. It’s why when Superman showed up on TV last year, they cast Tyler Hoechlin in the role and didn’t use Henry Cavill. And let’s be real… Ben Affleck is never going to make a small cameo on a show on The CW. He’s an A-list actor with two Oscars to his name.

Let’s keep our expectations realistic and talk about another actor coming in to play Bruce Wayne on Arrow. Is that something you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments section below.

VIA: ComicBook.com