Ben Affleck thinks Sienna Miller is perfect for a Batman role, but he won’t say which one

Ben Affleck’s Live By Night co-star Sienna Miller has expressed interest in a Batman role before. She previously said that she’d like to play Catwoman, but was told by Affleck that she’s not in the script. But lucky for her, Affleck has a role in mind that he thinks she’d be perfect for.

During an interview with HeyUGuys, Affleck was told that Miller would be a perfect Vicki Vale. Affleck disagreed, saying “She’s perfect for anything. Vicki Vale is kind of bitchy, I think she’s better for like…”

Affleck then stopped himself, either because he didn’t want to give away any secrets about The Batman, or because he knew even just suggesting a role would spread like wildfire online. Check out the quick clip below.

Let’s assume Affleck does hire Miller for that perfect Batman role he has in his head. Who do you think she could play? Let me know in the comments below.