Twitter evidence suggests Brad Peyton could direct The Rock in ‘Shazam’

Welcome to the latest episode of Batman News: Twitter Detective! Since who is following who on Twitter has proven to mean something in the past, I thought I’d bring up the latest gossip for us to speculate over.

Last week, The Rock boasted about a very successful meeting at DC Comics about Shazam and the entire DC Films universe. Geoff Johns even said it was one of his favorite meetings ever! Several Batman News readers pointed out to me that after the meeting, Johns followed The Rock’s producing partners, but also director Brad Peyton.

Peyton has directed several of The Rock’s movies, including Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, San Andreas, and the upcoming Rampage movie. Could Johns being eying Peyton to direct The Rock in Shazam as well? The timing of the Twitter follow after a big meeting with The Rock about DC Comics movies is interesting.

Again, this is just all speculation and to give you all a chance to discuss this idea. Would Peyton be a welcomed addition to the DC Films universe? Sound off in the comments below!