‘Man of Steel’ producer got banned by Christopher Nolan, still made $50+ million

Jon Peters is a longtime Hollywood movie producer with a bad reputation of interfering with movies and sexual assault. He bought the rights to the Superman movie franchise from Warner Bros. in the early 90s, and it has paid off in his later years. Big time!

Peters was a producer on 2006’s Superman Returns and received an executive producer credit on Man of Steel. As part of his original deal, he gets 7.5% of the total box office gross. So between the two latest Superman movies, Peters told The Hollywood Reporter that he made between $80 and $85 million.

In the case of Man of Steel, Peters made over $50 million for doing absolutely nothing! He told THR that Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan had him banned from the set. “My reputation scares these guys,” he said.

If Warner Bros. doesn’t work out a new deal with Peters, he’ll stand to make a lot more money when Henry Cavill’s new Superman movie comes out. Again, for doing absolutely nothing! Sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter