‘Gotham’ producer teases Harley Quinn for Season 3 finale

Gotham executive producer John Stephens has teased that the show will introduce their version of Harley Quinn, and now we know when to expect it.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Stephens said “we might see (her) in Episode 22,” which just happens to be the big Season 3 finale. Talk about a tease!

TV Guide reports that the Harley character will be the “launching point” for the central plot of Season 4. “It’s crazy,” Stephens told them.

Since Gotham shows a lot of the villains’ origin stories, I’d expect to see Harleen Quinzel before a full blown Harley Quinn. But this is Gotham. Anything is possible!

Are you looking forward to seeing Gotham’s take on Harley? Let me know in the comments below.