Batman and the Shadow to meet this April

As a character, Batman has almost transcended his early roots and become a fixture in modern American mythology.  When there are stories where he takes on gods and pilots giant mechs that bear his trademark pointy ears, it’s easy to forget Batman’s origins and inspirations.  Namely: pulp stories from the early 20th century.

This April, Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando, and Riley Rossmo will kick off a six-issue miniseries that will see the Batman team up with one of his most obvious influences: the Shadow.

Per DC:

In the six issue miniseries, murder has come to Gotham. Gotham’s protector, Batman, discovers a trail of evidence that leads to a suspect by the name of Lamont Cranston. The only problem is—Cranston has been dead for over fifty years! As Batman attempts to unravel the enigma surrounding Cranston’s life, the mysterious Shadow will do everything in his power to stop him from learning too much.

Batman and the Shadow have met before, with Batman going so far as to call the other hero his greatest inspiration, and this should be a nice look back at Bruce’s pulpier roots.  That direction is certainly on evidence by Steve Orlando:

Batman is a myth that transcends the comic book page and inspires us to achieve, while The Shadow is the cornerstone of so much of the pop culture and comics we see today.  To bring together the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Greatest Mystery is an honor. BATMAN/THE SHADOW will pay tribute to legacies in comics and pulp fiction, as the two characters meet in a generations-deep conflict unlike any they’ve seen before, with a case that stretches back to the origins of time, and will redefine murder.

Who knows what evil these legendary crimefighters will uncover in the heart of Gotham?  The Shadow knows, and so can we beginning April 26th.