Joe Manganiello confirms Ben Affleck’s Deathstroke footage was a screen test

Remember the Deathstroke footage that Ben Affleck shared last summer? Since then, fans have wondered if it was from a scene from Justice League, or perhaps test footage for The Batman… well wonder no longer!

Joe Manganiello, who will play Deathstroke, shared a piece of fan art on Twitter today. It was a digital painting of Manganiello from the Deathstroke footage on a city background. “Thanks to @jeran_art for this awesome shot of me from the armor screen test,” Manganiello wrote.

While this confirms the Deathstroke footage was a screen test, it still doesn’t help us know which movie it was from. Many fans believe Deathstroke will show up in Justice League based on this footage and storyboards that Snyder has shared.

Do you think we’ll see Deathstroke in Justice League, or will fans have to wait until The Batman to see him? Let me know in the comments below.