Is Jared Leto’s hair is “Joker green” again? Probably not

Update: I’m leaning towards this being an old photo. This afternoon, Leto tweeted a photo of himself with brown hair.

The original story follows the tweet…

Last week Jared Leto shared some Joker themed items on social media, and today it looks like he’s at it again. Though this time, it’s unintentional.

Leto loves rock climbing, and earlier today he posted some photos on Snapchat while he was getting ready to go climbing. He posted a photo of the powder that climbers put on their hands to improve their grip, as well as a photo of rock climbing shoes.

A couple of hours after that Snapchat post, Leto posted a photo on Instagram of himself scaling a giant rock wall. But if you look really close… you’ll see that he definitely is sporting green hair.

Computer, enhance! See that bit of green right above the hat that’s on his back?

It’s possible that this could be an old photo, but based on his Snapchat posts earlier, Leto definitely was getting ready to go rock climbing today.

The green hair could mean Leto is getting ready for The Batman, a secret cameo in Justice League, or absolutely nothing at all! It’s a slow news weekend, so let’s have some fun and speculate in the comments section below.