Batman v Superman’s Chris Terrio rewrote Ben Affleck’s Batman script

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Here’s some big news that slipped through the cracks!

Variety was the first website to reveal that Ben Affleck would not direct The Batman earlier this week, but its equally reliable sister site Deadline has some new information in their report on the departure.

According to Deadline, Chris Terrio, who wrote Batman v Superman and Justice League, just turned in a rewrite of Ben Affleck’s script for The Batman, which he co-wrote with DC’s Geoff Johns. Affleck has repeatedly said in interviews that he was having trouble getting the script to where he wanted it, so it sounds like he brought in his friend to help out. Terrio is a long time colaborator of Affleck’s and won an Oscar for writing Argo in 2013.

Thanks to Dick Denny for the heads up!

SOURCE: Deadline