Peeking inside Funko’s Legion of Collectors subscription

After posting our Holiday Gift Guide for 2016, I decided to look into Funko’s Legion of Collector’s subscription box. Why? Because it’s awesome! I reached out to Funko to see if I could get a sample to review for the site, and sure enough, about a week or so later, this little beauty arrived at my doorstep!

Now, I originally planned on videoing this special unveiling, however, I’m under the weather, so I doubt any of you want to hear my deep, groggy voice interjected with sniffing and coughing, followed by sounds of my blowing my nose. ‘Tis the season. Thankfully, this little box is brightening my day!

Each Legion of Collectors box is themed, and I knew that I was going to receive one of the previous boxes to review. Considering the box contained a silhouette of the Joker, I figured this was the Villains Collection or the Suicide Squad Collection. So I cut the tape, and opened the outer flap to reveal:

Yep! Definitely the Villains Collection! And how cool is this print? I expected the contents of the box to change for each delivery, but I wasn’t expecting a different design for each box. This is a nice touch! Kudos Funko!

As I continued to unpack, I noticed these two gems:

In case you’re wondering, that is a patch featuring Bane, and a pin of the Riddler. Both are branded with the Legion of Collectors logo, and will no doubt find a nice home on my backpack!

Removing the next fold of the box, I feel as though I hit a treasure trove!

Ok, I only thought I was excited when I the box was delivered, now I’m SUPER EXCITED. I’m not going to be able to get through these items fast enough! The first thing I notice is an overview of everything that is in the box. Nope! I don’t want to be spoiled! I’m setting that to the side for now.


But for those of you that are no fun, and want to ruin the anticipation, here you go:

First up: It’s a comic book!

That’s fitting. Also, it just happens to be Batman #23.2! This issue goes back to the New 52, when DC Comics had their villains month before launching Forever Evil. The issue features the Riddler, and is written by Ray Fawkes, with art by Jeremy Haun, and colors by John Rauch. You can check out Andrew’s review of the issue here.

The next items are more along the lines of what you would expect from Funko! A Pop! and a Dorbz!

I love this Pop! If you’re familiar with my reviews for the site, then you know I’m a huge fan of Selina Kyle/ Catwoman as a character, but the fact that it’s of the iconic Catwoman design used throughout the 40’s through the 60’s makes this more special! And considering it’s an exclusive release for Legion of Collector’s subscribers only… Epic!

The Dorbz is of Two-Face, and he’s never been this adorable. Harvey Dent was never this cute, even as a child. Sorry baby Harvey, but sometimes the truth hurts. I mean, look at that little smile!

And finally, you can’t have a DC Villians collection without including the clown prince of crime, the Joker!

Fittingly, there are two Joker items included in the subscription box, and both can be used/ worn daily. For Christmas, I received a Nightwing mug (which I proudly brandished in an Upcoming Comics post), so it’s only natural that I have a Joker mug as well. I’ll let my choice of mug signal my mood/ outlook for the day. If I’m feeling a bit heroic, I’ll bust out my Nightwing mug. But if I’m a bit grumpy or mischievous, then I’ll definitely drink from my Joker mug!

The second Joker item is a baseball cap. If I’m not working or at a formal event, then I’m most likely in a baseball cap, so I’ll happily include a little madness into my wardrobe!

I can happily admit that I’m a huge fan of this collection!

After seeing all of this, how could you not want to join the Legion of Collectors club? It’s epic! If you’re interested in subscribing, you can do so on Funko!’s website. Before doing so, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are two memberships that you can choose from:

The Vigilante Membership

  • A recurring 12 month plan that ships 6 boxes to you every year (one box every other month). Your payment method will be automatically billed annually.
  • You’ll receive an exclusive, themed collectible gift every year on the anniversary of your annual membership.
  • Each box contains $50 of value in exclusive, high-quality DC Comics and Funko collectible products. No fluff! No filler!
  • Cost: $150.00 annually (plus shipping, handling, and taxes)

The Sidekick Membership

  • Our recurring monthly plan ships one box to you every other month. Your payment method will be automatically billed every other month.
  • Each box contains $50 of value in exclusive, high-quality DC Comics and Funko collectible products. No fluff! No filler!
  • No commitments – Cancel anytime.
  • Cost: $25.00 bi-monthly (plus shipping, handling, and taxes)

Benefits of the Legion of Collectors Membership

  • 100% EXCLUSIVE: EVERY ITEM, EVERY BOX! – Instantly join the DC Comics elite when you collect items that nobody else can get their hands on. The box is full of DC Comics and Funko items available only through Legion of Collectors.
  • NO FLUFF – $50 VALUE IN EVERY BOX! – When you spend just $25, you’ll get $50 in value of exclusive, high-quality collectible products including but not limited to apparel, accessories, toys and memorabilia. No fluff, no filler!
  • POWERED BY FUNKO! – Funko has scoured the DC universe in order to select & create the most exciting and collectible products delivered directly to your door.
  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – Sign up for the annual membership and receive an exclusive, themed collectible gift every year on the anniversary of your yearly membership.
  • SPECIAL OFFERS – You’ll receive special offers and announcements from both DC Comics & Funko as a member of the Legion of Collectors. Be the first to know!
  • COMMUNITY OF FANS – As a member of Legion of Collectors, you’re joining a community of DC Comics fans who get access to exclusive DC Comics news, products, and special offers. Follow Funko on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with exciting DC Comics events!

March’s subscription box will feature Superman! What are you waiting for subscribe now!