The internet thinks Haley Bennett has been cast as Catwoman in ‘Gotham City Sirens’

Actress Haley Bennett, who recently appeared in The Magnificent Seven and The Girl on the Train, has caused quite a stir among DC Comics fans.

It all started last week when she shared a picture of Catwoman on Instagram. No caption. Just Catwoman.

Then a few hours later, the blonde bombshell posted a picture of herself sporting a new hairstyle. She chopped off her long blonde hair, and it looks like she dyed it darker as well.

Selina Kyle has short, dark hair in many iterations of the comics, and fans have put two and two together and declared that Bennett must have been cast in the role for Gotham City Sirens.

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion quite as fast. We’ve seen many actors post pictures of the superhero characters that they’d like to play. Most famously was Tyrese a few years ago with Green Lantern. It doesn’t mean they’ve landed the role, and they probably wouldn’t be able to talk about it on social media before an official announcement from Warner Bros. either.

But what do you make of Bennett’s recent social media posts? And just for fun, if this does actually mean something… do you think she’d be a good Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.