Gal Gadot says the new ‘Justice League’ trailer is coming “soon”

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The Justice League footage that was released last year at Comic-Con was just a “first look” sneak peek. Technically, it wasn’t a trailer. Many fans had hoped for that first true trailer late last year, but it never came. So when can we expect it?

According to Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, the trailer is coming “soon”. Gadot posted her Wix Super Bowl commercial over the weekend on Facebook, and replied to a fan who said he was hoping for a Justice League trailer during the Super Bowl too.

So how soon is “soon”? Well, the next big Warner Bros. movie is Kong: Skull Island and it comes out on March 10th. I would bet that they’d want the Justice League trailer out before then so they can play it before their big movie.

Stay tuned to Batman News. I’ll have the new Justice League trailer posted as soon as it hits the web!