‘The Batman’ script is ready, and Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck are “very happy” with it

Warner Bros.

A report from Forbes spread around the internet the last couple of days, which said that The Batman script would receive a major rewrite, or even be started over from scratch. Now we’re hearing a different side to that story…

I reached out to Justin Kroll, the Variety reporter who broke the news about Ben Affleck not directing The Batman. He told me that a new script for The Batman was turned in this month (presumably the one that Chris Terrio rewrote), and that everyone at Warner Bros., including President and Chief Content Officer Toby Emmerich and Ben Affleck are “very happy” with it!

Specifics on The Batman are still up in the air. It doesn’t have a release date, and it may not start shooting this summer as previously planned. They still need a director as well. But we finally have a script that Ben Affleck is happy with. That was something that he constantly talked about in interviews over the last few months. Hopefully with that in place, more good news starts rolling in soon.