Your iPhone contains a ‘LEGO Batman Movie’ Easter egg, courtesy of Siri

In The LEGO Batman Movie, the voice of Batman’s computer (or “‘Puter” as he likes to call it), is voiced by Siri, the popular virtual assistant on Apple’s iPhone. As a big Apple fan, I walked out of The LEGO Batman Movie wishing I could call Siri “‘Puter” too. Well, it turns out you can!

Since Siri lives in “the cloud” on Apple’s servers they can update the service whenever they want, without requiring an iOS update to your phone. So go ahead, bring up Siri, and say “Hey ‘Puter” for some fun The LEGO Batman Movie Easter eggs. Here are some of the responses that I’ve got so far:

Word of this fun Easter egg comes to us courtesy of The LEGO Batman Movie art director, Vivienne To.

Give it a try on your own iPhone, and let me know what kind of responses you get from Siri in the comments section below.