Twitter Detective: Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have a role in ‘Wonder Woman’?

Welcome to the latest edition of “Twitter Detective”! Since who follows who on Twitter has proven to mean something in the past, let’s take a look at the latest development.

Several Batman News readers have pointed out to me in the last few days that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and DC Films head Geoff Johns have both started following Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter. Schwarzenegger famously played Mr. Freeze in 1997’s Batman & Robin, could he be coming back to the DC universe like Nicole Kidman?

Obviously there’s no way to know right now, but fans are already speculating that he has a role in Wonder Woman, based on the recent Twitter activity mentioned. Since Wonder Woman wrapped shooting last fall, the theory is that Schwarzenegger could be providing his voice to a role. Maybe the movie’s villain Ares, the god of war, will be a CGI character?

Again, this is all just speculation that could mean absolutely nothing. Maybe Jenkins and Johns are just big fans of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, which Schwarzenegger hosts. Let me know what you make of it all in the comments below.